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As the adage goes, there are three absolutes in life: birth, death, and taxes. If you own a business, however, there could be a fourth – accounting.


Whether you're rotten at balancing your checkbook, need assistance with your business bookkeeping, or are hoping to make tax season simple this year, the team at Jose R. Gomez CPA, PA can make a difference for you.


We have decades of experience, making us the right professionals for all of your Miami-Dade and Broward county accounting and tax prep needs.






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Expert services

When you need professional business services, our team is happy to provide the support you need.


Our services include:


•   Individual taxes

•   Business taxes

•   Estate and gift taxes

•   Non-profit taxes

•   Tax planning

•   Multiple secure digital accounting  portals

•   Bookkeeping

•   Payroll services

•   IRS and sales taxes audit representation

Tax and accounting. With assistance from our team, you're always in good hands.


A tax computation. A tax preparation. Tax file documents.