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Global accounting perspective

Miami is one of America's greatest international cities, a hub of traffic from Latin America and the Caribbean. As a local of the Miami area, you know how important a global business focus can be.


Our team is pleased to provide for foreign clients in connection with United States investments and business interests. From investments to immigration, we can support you from planning to finalization. 


Interested in tax services? We advise our United States clients as to the United States international tax consequences associated with their offshore investments and business interests, along with foreign emigration issues and multi-country funds.

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Caring for your needs

Whether you're a local of Miami or have a more global perspective, we can make a difference.


Jose R. Gomez CPA, PA approaches tax and business with a global perspective.


Our services include:


•   Individual and business taxes

•   Estate and gift taxes

•   Tax planning

•   Estimated tax filing

•   E-filing

•   Accounting

•   Bookkeeping

•   Payroll services

•   Estate planning


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